Prime Retreat

Horizontal Winter Roost by Prime Retreat

Aid songbirds throughout the cold winter days by adding this Horizontal Winter Roost by Prime Retreat to your yard. This nesting box provides chickadees, wrens, or other small birds a place to perch and rest during the winter, featuring interior, wooden slats and entry holes situated low on the shelter. These dual, 1.5" diameter openings enable small birds to enter the abode, and their placement near the base of the shelter aids in trapping warmer air, for a toasty retreat for your feathered friends. The long, low profile creates room for a wealth of songbirds, and an image of two chickadees sitting on a pine branch adorns the front panel. Needles and a lovely pinecone shape further the winter motif, and a thumbscrew keeps this panel securely closed while the shelter is in use. Three predrilled holes on the tall, back lip allow you to place the nest against a wall, or the level base can rest on a tree branch or a few posts with ease. Made from 0.625" thick wood, this nesting box will provide many winters of service, and its soft tan color enhances its natural appeal. Help a few birds thrive throughout the colder months with this Horizontal Winter Roost by Prime Retreat.

Note: Due to the natural wood construction, individual homes may vary in appearance in terms of knots, grain, and color. These do not affect the usage or structural integrity of the home and are not considered as defects.

Openings: 1.5" dia.
Dimensions: 22"L x 9.375"W x 12"H
Mounting: tree, wall, or post mount
Construction: wood