Jackite Inc

Jackite American Bald Eagle Kite, 60" Wingspan

Fly the enduring symbol of freedom with a Jackite American Bald Eagle kite. This intricately designed kite beats its wings and soars across the wind so realistically that others will believe you have a bird tied to a string. In addition to flying as a kite, mobile, or windsock, it may also be displayed as a natural scarecrow near your dock, pond, pool or garden to deter other birds. Simply insert the fiberglass rod into the wings of your kite and with a few minor adjustments, you are ready to fly. With a wingspan of five feet, the Jackite American Bald Eagle kite is perfect for gentle to varying wind speeds either from a pole or from kite string. Because a Jackite is so wind sensitive, you can fly it with as little as 10 feet and as much as 200 feet of line. Constructed of durable Tyvek, this kite is water and tear resistant. The American Bald Eagle Kite's full color graphics are printed with impressive detail using high quality inks to resist fading. Delight in your "Lord of the Sky" kite as it shapes itself around the wind and learns to fly. Made in the USA. Ninety day limited warranty.

Note: This Jackite American Bald Eagle Kite may be flown from any lightweight fishing rod.

Dimensions: 29"L x 60"W x 5"D
Mounting: pole mount, fly as kite
Construction: Tyvek, fiberglass
Mfg. Warranty: 90 day limited warranty