Jester Premium Bird Feeding Station w/Feeders, Black, 7'6.5"


Create a vivacious gathering spot for feathered friends in your garden using this Jester Premium Bird Feeding Station with Feeders kit. This thorough package provides a variety of feeder options for birds in a minimal amount of space, while the four hangers on the top assembly evoke a jester's cap for a whimsical hint. Four included, hanging feeders are simple to suspend from these arms, and each holds a different food to invite a variety of birds to dine. The plastic reservoir of the tube style feeder accommodates mixed or solid seed, while the 0.25" square mesh tube forms a classic peanut feeder. An additional mesh feeder with larger, rectangular grid holds suet balls, and a suet cage completes the bundle. Dual, metal rings slide easily onto the central, metal shaft, made to hold the included plastic dish and micro mesh tray. The dish works wonderfully as a compact bird bath, while the tray can hold fruit or mealworms to delight orioles and bluebirds. Complete the station by placing the shorter, 7" long arm lower on the shaft to hold a thistle sock or other small accessory. The pole's pointed base inserts into garden soil, while four step-in feet form a robust anchor. The pieces assemble without hardware thanks to swaged pole ends, slip fit joints, and thumbscrews for tightening, and the black, powder coated finish deters rust and wear. The fantastic height makes this station a focal point in your landscaping, while its compact design is a boon for smaller yards. Offer birds a new buffet in your backyard using this Jester Premium Bird Feeding Station with Feeders. Assembly required. 

Dimensions: 21"L x 20.5"W x 90.5"H overall, 1" O.D. pole
Mounting: stake in ground
Construction: metal, steel, plastic