Kinetic Patriotic Art Staked Wind Spinner, 61"H

Change your flowerbed from plain to prideful with help from this Kinetic Patriotic Art Staked Wind Spinner.

  • Installing a wind sculpture in your yard adds natural, moving art to the area for all to see.
  • Curved, outward fanning blades create the spinning topper of the sculpture, recognizable by its patriotic coloration.
  • Red, white, and blue blades sport white stars and characteristic charm reminiscent of Old Glory.
  • Connect the colorful, patriotic top section to the tubular, steel pole for a classic and sturdy display in your yard.
  • Building the spinner is a simple task, with included hardware and a raised star completing the topper assembly for convenience and visual allure.
  • Base of the item inserts easily into soil, with the three-pronged anchor providing adequate stability for your display.
  • This luxurious and staunch spinner provides natural movement plus patriotic charm to your outdoor space.
  • The steel construction of this hardy unit makes it a lasting option for countless seasons of service.
  • Assembly required.
Dimensions: 20" dia. topper x 61"H
Mounting: stake in soil
Construction: steel