Prime Retreat

Large Bluebird House Nest Lift by Prime Retreat


Keep parasites and germs away from bluebird nestlings using this Large Bluebird House Nest Lift by Prime Retreat. This sturdy, stainless steel mesh platform has been specifically designed for use with your existing Premium Recycled Bluebird House by Prime Retreat, sitting perfectly inside the shelter for the utmost convenience for these birds. The 0.375" square mesh platform sits 0.75" above the bottom of the abode, creating a space for birds to safely build their nests. This gap prevents blowfly larvae from reaching nestlings, harming them, and also allows plenty of room for water and other particles to drain away from the nest. Its robust, stainless steel construction remains durable for many seasons, providing an extra bit of protection to fledglings and delicate songbirds. Help your young bluebirds remain healthy and free of parasites using this Large Bluebird House Nest Lift. Made in the USA. 

Dimensions: 4.5"L x 4.625"W x 0.75"H
Mounting: place inside existing bluebird house
Construction: stainless steel