Little Giant

Little Giant Premium Water Feature Pump, WGFP-100, 6400 gph

Keep your pond water moving using the Little Giant Premium Water Feature Pump. This pump is ruggedly manufactured for powerful twenty-four hour operation with a streamlined design. Featuring a sturdy cast iron base and stainless steel housing, this submersible pump is ideal for ponds or powering waterfalls and fountains. The rugged construction ensures a long life of operation with solids handling capability up to 1.3". Each pump is permanently sealed and contains a non-clogging vortex impeller and thermal overload protection, to prevent failure due to overheating. The Little Giant Premium Water Feature Pump will faithfully power your extra large water feature with high performance and durability.

The sound and vision of a waterfall cascading down rocks into a pond or stream enhances a water garden in a way no other water feature can. This 1 hp pump offers reliable pressure, even at high head heights. In the event of this pump overheating, its automatic reset motor protector will automatically shut off the pump saving it from permanent damage. Capable of turning 6,400 gallons of water per hour and handling solids, this pump is ideal for the high demands of any water feature. This pump accepts a 2" MIPT threaded fitting. Two year limited warranty.

Pump Performance
Use this chart to determine the proper size pump for your pond. The height of the water outlet above the surface of the pond is called the Head Height. Gallons Per Hour (GPH) represents the maximum amount of water your pump is capable of pushing at a given Head Height. To ensure the pump's best possible performance, reduce frictional losses by using the largest diameter hose possible.
Head Height (in feet) Gallons per Hour
5' 6400
10' 5500
15' 4700
20' 3700
25' 2500
30' 900
35' shutoff

Dimensions: 11"L x 7"W x 17.5"H, 14.5'L cord
Pump Outlet: accepts 2" MIPT fittings
Maximum Head: 35' shutoff
Maximum Flow: 6400 gph maximum flow
Power: 1210 Watts
Voltage: single-phase, 115V
Mfg. Warranty: 2 year limited warranty