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Little Giant Repair Kit for S320PT Pumps

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Keep your Little Giant S320PT Stainless Steel Pump running seamlessly with help from this Little Giant Repair Kit for S320PT Pumps. This kit handily replaces worn or unusable parts on your existing pump (not included), so you can continue to enjoy your waterscape. The plastic front cover with a threaded inlet accepts 1/2" FNPT fittings, and a flow adjuster knob on the outlet enables you to minimize or maximize your water flow as desired. The included impeller keeps your pump properly moving water, while the O-ring creates a tight seal. Use the four included screws to securely attach the cover to your existing pump (not included). Provide a fix for worn or broken parts on your existing stainless steel pump with this Repair Kit for S320PT Pumps.

Kit Contents: 1 cover with threaded inlet and outlet, 1 impeller, 1 O-ring, 4 screws
Construction: plastic, metal