Little Giant

Little Giant S1200PT Stainless Steel Pump, 20' cord, 920 gph

Help meet your water garden or pond's circulation needs by adding a Little Giant S1200PT Stainless Steel Pump to it. This durable pump, designed for use in a medium water display, will readily provide plenty of water circulation while remaining suitable for hot water applications up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. A helpful, included pre-filter screen keeps the impeller and motor free of debris such as leaves or algae, bolstering efficiency. With corrosion-proof fasteners, a stainless steel case, and a bronze pump body, this pump will remain durable and energetically economical throughout frequent, reliable use.

Take advantage of this versatile unit by placing it in a garden fountain, pond, or other water feature that requires moving water. Its classic design makes it perfect for both inline or submerged use. The 3/4" MNPT inlet readily accepts a variety of fittings, and the 1/2" MNPT threads on the outlet make it easy to direct water through tubing. A flow control valve here allows you to adjust how much or little water the pump moves, and the included prefilter basket can be attached to the inlet for protection from extra debris if desired. The quiet and efficient operation makes showcasing your water feature simple, and a positioning bracket (not included) can be added for external support. Power your fountain or waterfall easily with this robust S1200PT Stainless Steel Pump. Two year limited warranty.

Note: Per the manufacturer, this product, Little Giant item number 517100004, is the replacement for Cal Pump item number S1200T-20.

Pump Performance
Use this chart to determine the proper size pump for your pond. The height of the water outlet above the surface of the pond is called the Head Height. Gallons Per Hour (GPH) represents the maximum amount of water your pump is capable of pushing at a given Head Height. To ensure the pump's best possible performance, reduce frictional losses by using the largest diameter hose possible.
Head Height (in feet) Gallons per Hour
0' 920
1' 920
5' 820
10' 645
15' 430
20' shutoff

Dimensions: 6.5"L x 4.5" dia., 20'L cord
Inlet: accepts 3/4" FNPT fittings
Outlet: accepts 1/2" FNPT fittings
Maximum Head: 20' shutoff
Maximum Flow: 920 gph
Power: 104 Watts
Voltage: single-phase, 115V
Mfg. Warranty: 2 year limited warranty