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Looker Products Bluebird House

Add a bit of fun color to your bluebird trail using the Looker Products Bluebird House. Placing a bluebird house in your backyard helps these lovely avians thrive, countering their diminished habitat. This fantastic shelter, approved by the North American Bluebird Society, will certainly offer these birds a perfect home. Its deep green, pitched roof has a significant overhang, protecting the interior of the nest from precipitation. A matching predator guard surrounds the 1.5" diameter entrance hole, and a small gap at the top of the front panel aids in ventilation. Additional ventilation slots on two sides of the roost help regulate the internal temperature, so nestlings stay safe, while drainage gaps on the base keep the nest dry. Remove the locking peg on the front of the home to open it for nest checks and maintenance. The lasting, all cedar body will remain beautiful and functional for many seasons, and the predrilled holes on the back of the home make mounting to a post or wall simple. Keep the bluebird population growing by placing this Bluebird House in your yard. Made in the USA.

Opening: 1.5" dia.
Dimensions: 9"L x 7.25"W x 12.5"H
Mounting: post, fence, or wall mount
Construction: cedar