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Marshall Kinetic Cheyenne Wind Spinner, Blue, 82"H

Accent the colors of water and the sky in a striking sculpture with this Marshall Blue Kinetic Cheyenne Wind Spinner. The varied arcs and curves of this dual level topper highlight your love of abstract art, while the deep blue color adds drama. Significant gaps between each blade bring a light element to this kinetic yard art, showcasing its smooth spinning motion and wind power at once. A center, steel shaft forms a sturdy support, and dual hubs on the top section hold the blades securely in place. Sealed ball bearings move easily in wind, and the black, powder coated finish here ensures durability. Slide the additional, 11" support over the lowest pole section, creating a trident base for securing the item in garden soil. Once the pole is fully assembled, attach the blades to the spinning hubs, and be mesmerized by the changing patterns the alternating levels create. Highlight a few natural elements in your yard by placing this Blue Kinetic Cheyenne Wind Spinner in it. Assembly required.

Note: Due to the reflective coating on the blades, their hue and tint may vary based on light exposure.

Dimensions: 19" dia. toppers x 82"H
Mounting: stake in soil
Construction: steel, metal