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Marshall Kinetic Cheyenne Wind Spinner, Copper/Verde, 84.5"H

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Display a classic color combination and celebrate wind power in your yard using this Marshall Copper and Verde Kinetic Cheyenne Wind Spinner. Significant gaps between the curved topper blades bring a light element to this dramatic yard art, showcasing its spinning motion and the power of the natural world simultaneously. A copper colored paint on the exterior of the wrought iron blades lends elegance, with verdigris colored hints for contrast and dimension. This color scheme is inverted on both the support shaft and interior of each blade, with an overall green hue and copper colored accents. These blade assemblies attach to dual hubs on the top pole section, which have sealed ball bearings for smooth spinning in a breeze. The tubular steel pole sections screw together easily for height, and an 11" long, step-in anchor is affixed to the lowest section for a straightforward installation. An assembly with 2 matching feet slides over this bottom shaft, adding more stability to the moving sculpture. The alternating orientation of the dual toppers adds remarkable shape and drama to the item, and they move easily in wind for a changing effect. Bring lasting, moving art and traditional colors to your front yard using this Copper and Verde Kinetic Cheyenne Wind Spinner. Assembly required.

Note: Due to the reflective coating and brushed finish on the blades, their hue and tint may vary based on light exposure.

Dimensions: 21" dia. toppers x 84.5"H
Mounting: stake in soil
Construction: steel, wrought iron