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Marshall Kinetic Grande Vertical Leaves Spinner, Verde, 128"

Beautifully mimic spiraling, moving foliage in your open lawn using this Marshall Verde Kinetic Grande Vertical Leaves Spinner. This substantial sculpture will surely become a garden centerpiece, thanks to its lovely color and revolving design. A tall, center support shaft sports 11 hubs along it, each accommodating dual rods with leaf-inspired blades. The middle rods extend longer than the top and bottom ones, for a diamond-like silhouette once assembled. The curved, cupped shape of each accent helps move this top element in a breeze, while the overall, soft green tone enhances your garden. Black hints above the verdigris finish offer depth and dimension, and the bearings at the top and base of this section spin it smoothly and easily. This creates the effect of foliage floating and spiraling in wind, thanks to the inconspicuous, narrow support rods. A pointed end and dual, 15.75" long feet form a trident base on the bottom section of the pole, while 2 additional legs slide over this component for extra anchoring and stability. The robust, all metal construction offers longevity and classic style, and the remarkable height directs attention skyward. Its light green color blends with many outdoor settings, and the rotating toppers offer an enchanting effect. Enhance your yard with unique greenery using this Verde Kinetic Grande Vertical Leaves Spinner. Assembly required.

Dimensions: 28" dia. topper x 128"H
Mounting: stake into soil
Construction: metal