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Marshall Kinetic Mesa Wind Spinner, Red, 82"H

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Turn your outdoor space into a charming and whimsical display of artistic motion by placing this magnificent Marshall Red Kinetic Mesa Wind Spinner in your yard. This bright, vibrant spinner will instill a sense of movement on your property as it harnesses the natural power of the wind for a dazzling display. Its ample height ensures it will provide a lofty display, and the bright red, powder-coated blades mean the item will remain easily visible and interesting as it accentuates your space. The negative space and offset position of the blades create a unique, pleasing effect as they spin, making ideal use of a breeze for a bright focal point. These staunch, wrought iron pieces spiral around a center, steel rod to form the sizable, striking topper, while sealed ball bearings on the top and bottom support rings provide the mesmerizing, smooth spinning motion. Attach the colorful topper to the included, three section, tubular steel pole to easily set up this artistic display, and slide the additional, 11" support over the bottom pole section to create a trident base for securing the item in soil. This staunch adornment is weather-resistant, with the wrought iron blades and steel shaft making for a lovely accessory that will embellish your yard's beauty for many seasons of use. Elevate your outdoor space with fun and dramatic color and movement using this Red Kinetic Mesa Wind Spinner. Assembly required.

Note: Due to the reflective coating on the blades, their hue and tint may vary based on light exposure.

Dimensions: 27" dia. topper x 82"H
Mounting: stake in soil
Construction: steel, wrought iron