Messinas Pulverize® Weed Killer for Lawns w/ Nested Trigger

Prevent weeds from hindering the condition of your lawn and garden with this one gallon container of Messinas Pulverize® Weed Killer for Lawns with Nested Trigger. This outstanding lawn care helper ensures you will have no trouble maintaining a quality and pristine yard as you thoroughly spray any errant weeds on your property to keep them from spoiling your natural surroundings. This fantastic solution uses the active ingredient iron to tend to the broadleaf weeds that plague your surroundings, and works fast in all varieties of weather, letting you see results via dying weeds within a matter of hours. An included spray trigger is embedded in the container's helpful carrying handle, giving you a simple method for applying this mixture to weeds, bull thistle, dandelions, and other pesky growth. This concoction is safe for people, dogs, and other pets after the product has dried, and the treatments should be repeated every three to four weeks to get the most reliable results; it is not recommended to apply the solution within three hours of coming rainfall, or over the same area more than four times a year. The generous, one gallon bottle provides a wealth of formula for your outdoor space, letting you tend to a litany of trouble areas without running out. See fast results when tending to your lush yard's health and presentation with the convenient Pulverize® Weed Killer for Lawns with Nested Trigger. Made in the USA. Thirty day guarantee.

Active Ingredients: Iron HEDTA (FeHEDTA): 1.50%
Other ingredients: 98.50%
Container Size: 1 gal.
Method of Application: spray as needed
Mfg. Warranty: 30 day guarantee