Nature Creations

Nature Creations Kooky Chickadee Cottage, Natural

Add whimsy to your bird garden while celebrating authentic, timeless architecture from the American heartland with this Nature Creations Natural Kooky Chickadee Cottage. This handcrafted, quirky shelter adroitly recreates vintage heartland architecture, using upcycled materials from old midwestern barns and homes to create an entertaining and charming unit that will beckon birds to the garden while bringing a smile to your face. The faded and timeworn natural tone of the home's wood body sports a quaint and textured appearance, allowing you to showcase country elegance as this staunch dwelling houses wrens, chickadees, and various songbirds. A striking, pitched metal roof covers and protects the domicile, sloping dramatically downward to the left side of the home as it comes to a ridge slightly to the home's right side. An expansive loop of woven metal extends upward from this ridge, giving you an ample means for hanging the home from a branch or hook for an impressive display. Extensive care and detailing creates a rustic look, as the front of the abode features small wood boards and imitation greenery to create a fence motif just below the 1.25" entrance hole. This hole is guarded at the top and sides by a flat metal fixture, providing a safeguard against predatory behavior while songbirds can easily access the interior. To perform routine cleanings and check on the roost, simply remove the plastic cap from the back panel's 3" diameter hole to maintain a fresh and sanitary interior. For a different type of display, place this eccentric and offbeat house on a pole or post in your yard by attaching a mounting bracket (not included) to the sizable, flat base. This unique, one of a kind home gives you a fun and interesting accessory to show off in the garden, while harboring wrens and other songbirds safely in your yard. Alternatively, showcase the abode inside your house for a functional piece of decorative art. Provide songbirds an eco-friendly and entertaining roost in your yard with the odd and jovial joy of this Natural Kooky Chickadee Cottage. Handcrafted in the USA.

Opening: 1.25" dia.
Dimensions: 7.25"L x 8"W x 16"H
Mounting: pole or post mount
Construction: wood, metal