Nestera Solar Panel for Wire-Free Camera

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Provide supplemental power to your wildlife surveillance setup with this Nestera Solar Panel for Wire-Free Camera. This solar panel helps eliminate the clutter and hassle of using a charging cable to directly charge your chicken coop's wildlife camera. Instead, this panel harnesses the power of the sun to assist in keeping your camera running smoothly so you don't miss out on any important moments or details. A handy, micro USB cable is attached to the back of this unit, transferring power from the panel to your existing camera, while an adjustable screw-in bracket is included to allow you to mount the item where it will receive the most sunlight. This sleek, black piece provides an unobtrusive way to get more out of your wildlife surveillance needs, giving you a reliable and natural, 6 volt option for your camera setup. Add versatility to your wildlife observation efforts by powering an existing camera with this intuitive Solar Panel for Wire-Free Camera.

Dimensions: 6.8125"L x 4.75"W x 0.25"D panel, 2.25" dia. x 3.25"H mounting bracket
Mounting: wall or roof mount with included bracket
Construction: fiberglass PC board, plastic bracket