New England Arbors

New England Pergola Bolt Down Brackets, set of 2

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Mount your New England Freemont or Elysium Pergola to a concrete or wooden base using the New England Pergola Bolt Down Brackets. These two steel brackets connect to your concrete or wooden flat surface with their included hardware, and easily hold a 4 x 4 wooden post (not included). Predrilled holes on the sides of each bracket allow you to easily secure the post into it using the included hardware. This aids in keeping your Freemont or Elysium Louvered Pergola stable, for a beautiful and safe accent. Place your New England Elysium or Freemont Pergola safely on a concrete or wooden surface with help from the Pergola Bolt Down Brackets.

Package Contents: 2 brackets, hardware
Bracket Dimensions: 4.625"L x 4.625"W x 6.625"H
Mounting: connect to concrete or wooden surface
Construction: steel