Nyjer Seed (Thistle Seed), 5 lbs.


Make your bird garden a finch feasting zone with this bag of Nyjer Seed (Thistle Seed). These tiny seeds are perfect for finches, siskins, and redpolls, and can help establish a feeding area for small birds separate from your other seed or suet feeders. This feed has high fat and protein content, making it a fantastic winter offering, as it helps small birds maintain their metabolisms. Use this treat in feeders specifically designed for thistle, as the small size of the seed can fall out of traditional ports. It may also be used on solid tray feeders for more birds to enjoy it, and this 5 pound bag is great for filling a few small feeders. Provide finches, siskins, and repolls their favorite feed with this Nyjer Seed (Thistle Seed).

Note: This Nyjer Seed (Thistle Seed) is packaged in a 5 pound bag for easy handling. 

Birds that enjoy this seed:

  • chickadees, finches, goldfinches, redpolls, and siskins

Feeder Options: thistle feeders and tray feeders
Ingredients: nyjer (thistle) seed
Guaranteed Analysis: minimum crude protein 16%, minimum crude fat 25%, maximum crude fiber 20%, maximum moisture 12%