Panacea Products

Panacea Fire Glass, Cobalt Blue, 10 lbs.

Add a dazzling look to your fire pit or hearth using this Panacea Cobalt Blue Fire Glass. Using tempered glass, rather than wood, in your fireplace helps evenly direct and retain heat, while the varied color options enable you to create a custom look. The deep blue tone of these pieces evokes water, contrasting the element of fire, and their reflective finish aids in spreading the light from the flames. The non toxic, tempered glass will not burn, melt, create ash or smoke, and is also fantastic for covering the plumbing lines in your propane hearth. Each piece measures approximately 0.25", and the 10 pound container forms a lovely base layer in natural or propane fireplaces. Create contrast and style in your hearth or fire pit with this Cobalt Blue Fire Glass.

Contents: 10 lbs. of fire glass
Construction: tempered glass