Panacea Products

Panacea Modern Farmhouse Shepherd Hook, Black, 7'H

Increase the hanging area in your yard easily with this Panacea Black Modern Farmhouse Shepherd Hook. Square, steel bar construction, an angular top arm, and slight gridwork at this juncture create a remarkable and functional hanger for your outdoor decor. The arm extends 12" outward, handily displaying baskets or bird feeders up to 23" in diameter, and a copper colored, top orb offers a bit of shine and contrast. Dual lines of trim beneath this sphere bring a touch of elegance to the unit, furthered by the black color throughout the rest of it. A 10" long, step-in base wonderfully anchors this item into your soil, and the extended, square shaft offers plenty of height. Easily display a hanging adornment in your yard on this Black Modern Farmhouse Shepherd Hook.

Capacity: up to 14 lbs.
Dimensions: 17"W x 84"H, 12" clearance from shaft to hook
Mounting: stake into soil
Construction: steel