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Panacea Moisture Keeper Coco Liner, 14" dia.

Help the plants in your existing hanging basket remain nicely hydrated with this Panacea Moisture Keeper Coco Liner. The classic shape and coco fiber construction of this item rests inside your existing, 14" diameter hanging basket, helping create a tidy bed for your flower. A recyclable plastic liner inside the coco fiber one retains even more moisture in the soil, while drainage holes prevent overwatering. Raised lines within this insert keep the unit wonderfully formed, holding plenty of soil and remaining slightly rigid in your basket. The recyclable materials lend an ecologically friendly hint to this item, while the brown tone of the coco fibers enhances the greenery of your plant. Maintain an existing hanging basket easily using this Moisture Keeper Coco Liner.

Dimensions: 14.75" dia. x 7"H
Construction: coco fibers, plastic