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Panacea Natural Moss Square Hanging Basket, Green, 14"L

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Double the greenery on your patio or in your flowerbed with this Panacea Green Natural Moss Square Hanging Basket. Adding flowers or herbs to a hanging basket allows you to customize their growing environment, and is perfect for keeping naturally spreading plants contained. A unique, green moss fully covers the exterior of this metal frame, and its varied green hues bring a bright look to any setting. Black, metal chains connect to each corner of the planter, with a top "S" hook making it easy to hang the item. A plastic liner inside the basket keeps soil, water, and plants in place, and can be removed and replaced with a different liner seasonally. The curls and waves of the moss covering contrast the square basket for a bold garden addition, and the verdant tones offer brightness. Make flora a centerpiece of your patio or yard using this Green Natural Moss Square Hanging Basket.

Dimensions: 14"L x 14"W x 7"H, 17"L chain
Mounting: hang
Construction: moss exterior, metal frame and chain, plastic liner