Panacea Products

Panacea Potatoes Grow Bag, 24" dia.

Grow delicious potatoes on your balcony or deck using this Panacea Potatoes Grow Bag. This fantastic, burlap planter adds a vintage look to your backyard, while creating plenty of growing spots for this vegetable. The generous, 24" diameter and 16.5" height of the unit holds plenty of soil, for a deep and healthy bed for potato or pepper plants. Reinforced seams on the sides of the bag help it remain upright, and the coated interior aids in retaining water. A grommet on the base allows excess water to drain, and a colorful image of potatoes with a rural background adorns the front of the unit. Empty and fold the vessel for easy, seasonal storage, and group a few together to grow crops without using lawn space. Create a small, vertical garden easily with this Potatoes Grow Bag.

Dimensions: 24" dia. x 16.5"H
Mounting: place on level surface
Construction: burlap