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Panacea Rustic Farmhouse Quilt Pot Trellis, Rust, 50"H

Add unique, pioneer-inspired artwork and bold, geometric patterns to your garden with the Panacea Rust Rustic Farmhouse Quilt Pot Trellis. The precise angles add definition and style to your yard, while the brown color enhances your landscaping. The robust, square metal rods further the geometric theme, and the Ohio Star quilt block pattern occupies each square panel in the center of the trellis. Two orbs top the item for added contrast, and the metal cutouts on each panel alternate for a wonderful patchwork effect. Additional horizontal and vertical, square rails provide strength to the item, as well as places for your climbing plants to grip, and the two legs install into soil easily. This compact unit may also be used in 12" diameter or larger pots, for a fantastic indoor display. Its all metal construction creates a solid and sturdy piece, and the brown color evokes days past. Showcase your appreciation for pioneer handiwork using this Rust Rustic Farmhouse Quilt Pot Trellis.

Rail Dimensions: square rails, 0.375"L x 0.375"W
Dimensions: 11.25"W x 49.75"H
Mounting: place in ground
Construction: metal