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Panacea Rustic Heirloom Cottage Garden Fence, Brown, 12 Pack

Create a beautiful and significant border in your landscaping using this Panacea Rustic Heirloom Cottage Garden Fence. Slightly rounded corners and overlapping, interior arches on each of these metal panels lend gentle style to your landscaping, while the generous size of each keeps the border nicely visible. Interior, rectangular openings throughout the body enhance the barrier, and the brown finish meshes with the outdoors. Metal pegs on one end of each section insert into loops on the following piece, forming an interlocking line, and this package of 12 panels covers quite a bit of area easily. Stakes and extended rods attach to the two legs on each panel, helping stabilize them once installed. Crafted from metal, these units add a classic look to your yard easily, and the wavy design of each rod adds visual interest. Stylishly divide your yard using these Rustic Heirloom Cottage Garden Fence panels.

Note: This case pack contains 12 of the Panacea Rustic Heirloom Cottage Garden Fence sections.

Dimensions: 36.25"W x 33.25"H
Mounting: stake into soil with included anchors
Construction: metal