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Panacea Three Panel Arched Fireplace Screen w/Doors & Tools

Keep your fireplace safe and tidy using this Panacea Black Three Panel Arched Fireplace Screen with Doors and Tools. Placing a screen in front of your fire prevents embers from reaching your carpet, and hearth tools help you maintain the area easily. The traditional, arched top, rectangular side panels, and black color of the screen bring understated elegance to your living room, completed by a square metal framework. Two rounded knobs make it simple to open the hinged doors, and a strong magnet at the top keeps them securely closed. A 0.25", diamond shaped mesh backing keeps sparks and embers inside the fire box, and the hinged side panels can be adjusted to a wealth of angles to fit several different fireplaces. Two hooks on each side panel hold the included shovel, brush, tongs, and poker, which make tending to your fire easy. The black color and looped handle on each tool unify the package, and their metal construction withstands placement near your fire. Cultivate an organized and lovely look in front of your fireplace using this Black Three Panel Arched Fireplace Screen with Doors and Tools.

Side Panel Dimensions: 12"W x 29.5"H
Center Panel Dimensions: 26"W x 32"H
Overall Dimensions: 50"W x 32"H
Mounting: place on flat surface
Construction: metal