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Panacea Three Panel Plant Support Trellis, Brown, 64"H

Divide your garden into sections while offering strength to a few crops with this Panacea Brown Three Panel Plant Support Trellis. This versatile, steel structure is perfect for helping peas and beans grow upward, creating an open screen, or just adding interest to your landscaping. The brown color throughout the piece blends with the soil, and dual arches at the top of each panel enhance the curves in your garden. Metal rods create a diamond shaped, open grid within each panel, providing tendrils places to grip, and the 12" long legs on each section install easily into soil. Place these hinged panels in a straight line to create an open screen or garden divider, or angle them towards each other to form a tower, surrounding a tall plant. The all steel body and brown, weather resistant finish remain durable for many seasons, and the item folds flat for storage when not in use. Help your crops grow upward or add style to your garden with this Brown Three Panel Plant Support Trellis.

Rail Dimensions: round rails, 0.125" dia.
Dimensions: 42"W x 64"H
Mounting: stake in soil
Construction: steel