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Panacea Wrought Iron Five Bar Fireplace Grate, Black, 23”

Enjoy an evenly burning and nicely warm fire by placing your logs on this Panacea Black Wrought Iron Five Bar Fireplace Grate. Elevating logs on a grate ensures air can circulate all around your firewood, for an efficient and even burn. Hexagonal, solid wrought iron bars create this robust piece, and the extended legs ensure it remains stable in your hearth. Five bars span the legs and arc gently upward, perfectly cradling logs and kindling. The open base enables any burnt wood to fall downward, creating a bed of hot coals that aids the fire in burning from the bottom upward. This durable, wrought iron piece provides seasons of reliable service, and the black color adds an elegant hint. Build a fantastic fire in your hearth with help from this Black Wrought Iron Five Bar Fireplace Grate.

Leg Clearance: 4.375"H
Dimensions: 14"L, 20.75"W at back, 23.25"W at front, 7.25"H
Mounting: place inside fire box
Construction: wrought iron