Panacea Products

Panacea Wrought Iron Five Bar Fireplace Grate, Large, 23"

Build a lovely and lasting fire in your hearth on this Panacea Large Black Wrought Iron Five Bar Fireplace Grate. Stacking your firewood on a grate allows air to circulate freely for even burning, plus lets smaller coals drop downward for heat below the logs. Crafted of solid, hexagonal wrought iron bars, this unit is perfectly designed for seasons of use in your firebox. Its black color adds a timeless look, and the flared front and back legs ensure stability. Each of the five top bars arc upward, cradling logs and kindling, and the generous rack fits into larger sized hearths easily. The hexagonal rods remain strong and in perfect shape for many seasons without crinkling or bending, thanks to the robust, wrought iron construction. Facilitate even and efficient fires this season by placing logs on this Large Black Wrought Iron Five Bar Fireplace Grate.

Leg Clearance: 4"H
Dimensions: 14.5"L, 20"W at back, 22.75"W at front, 6.5"H
Mounting: place inside fire box
Construction: wrought iron