Prime Retreat

Premium Recycled Bluebird House by Prime Retreat


Add an environmentally friendly shelter to your bird garden using this Premium Recycled Bluebird House by Prime Retreat. The lasting, recycled plastic body, natural tones, and traditional shape of this nest box bring classic style to your yard in moments, while offering bluebirds a suitable resting spot. A 1.5" diameter entry hole on the front panel is perfectly sized for bluebirds, while a sloped roof generously overhangs this opening by 3.875", protecting the interior from rain. This extended roof also discourages predators from sitting on it and reaching into the cavity, protecting nestlings. Gaps in the top corners help ventilate the home, while water can drain from the open corners on the base of the roost. An extended, brown colored back panel sports predrilled holes for mounting to a wall, tree, or post, and the front panel lifts upwards in moments for nest checks and maintenance. The 0.5" thick, recycled plastic boards create a durable roost, while enhancing the green motif in your landscaping. Offer bluebirds a wonderful roosting option by adding this Premium Recycled Bluebird House by Prime Retreat to your yard. Made in the USA. 

Opening: 1.5" dia.
Dimensions: 10.25"L x 7.5"W x 13"H
Mounting: pole, post, or wall mount
Construction: recycled plastic