Rome Industries Inc

Rome Cast Iron Old Fashioned Waffle Iron

Enjoy fluffy, delicious waffles while huddled around your cozy campsite with help from this Rome Cast Iron Old Fashioned Waffle Iron. This sturdy, cast iron utensil perfectly cooks a generous and traditional round waffle, including familiar wells and lines to display even cooking. Savor the comfortable taste of your very own fresh, tasty treat, or cut one of these warm waffles into sections of four to share with family and friends as you trade stories around the campfire on a chilly evening. The robust, durable unit is also fantastic for use on a gas or camper stove, and handily creates 6.5" diameter waffles for all to share. This cast iron body remains reliably hot for an extended amount of time, and a hinge at its base ensures the iron remains securely closed throughout all hours of your outdoor festivities. Be sure to season this item like any traditional cast iron pan for proper maintenance, and use the pair of convenient handles to easily open or flip the unit, while its compact size makes this accessory simple to transport and store. Enjoy golden, crispy waffles with friends over your inviting fire with this Cast Iron Old Fashioned Waffle Iron. Five year warranty.

Dimensions: 6.75" dia. iron, 3.75"L handles
Construction: cast iron
Mfg. Warranty: 5 year warranty