Rome Industries Inc

Rome Pie Iron Prep Tool

Quickly and easily prepare the fillings for your pudgie pie using this Rome Pie Iron Prep Tool. This versatile, stainless steel tool acts as a spoon, butter knife, and cleaner for a fantastic campfire cooking accessory. The base of it forms a spoon shape, perfect for scooping fillings into your dough before baking, and its smooth back makes it simple to spread butter or jam. The specific curve of its body matches the shape of traditional pie irons, and allows you to trim excess bread or dough prior to cooking. It also can be used to scrape the interior of the cooker clean, and its stainless steel construction lasts for many seasons. A hole at the top allows you to place this tool on a lanyard or rope for easy access, and its curved handle makes holding the item comfortable. Keep your pie irons clean and make fantastic campfire treats with this Pie Iron Prep Tool.

Dimensions: 6.5"L x 2.25"W x 0.5"D
Construction: stainless steel