Songbird Essentials

Songbird Essentials A-Frame Mason Bee House

Offer solitary bees a cozy, charming shelter in your yard with this Songbird Essentials A-Frame Mason Bee House. The familiar shape and traditional materials offer a timeless hint to your yard, while inviting mason bees to inhabit it. These solitary, mild mannered bees are fantastic pollinators, and tend to rest in holes or other openings. The myriad of bamboo tubes packed inside this wooden frame provide these insects wonderful roosting spots, and the varied sizes are great for a few different bee species. Its generous, overhanging roof and solid back protect the tubes from rain, and an attached twine loop here makes it simple to hang the home. For a different look, place the flat base of the shelter on a level surface, such as a tree stump or table. The renewable, wood frame and bamboo tubes add an environmentally-friendly hint to the piece, while perfectly enhancing your outdoors. Help your garden and wonderful pollinators thrive by adding this A-Frame Mason Bee House to your backyard.

Dimensions: 8.75"W x 6.25"D x 7.75"H
Mounting: hang or place on level surface
Construction: wood, bamboo