Songbird Essentials

Songbird Essentials Bluebird House Kit

Spend quality time building and celebrating the natural world with your child using this Songbird Essentials Bluebird House Kit. This DIY package provides virtually all you need to help your child build a fantastic bluebird house. A wealth of precut, cedar panels forms a durable roost, and the exterior may be painted for a personalized look. Step-by-step instructions on the back of the package ensure a straightforward project, and the included nails help the house remain intact for many seasons. Its 1.5" diameter entry hole is perfect for bluebirds, while the overhanging top protects the roost from the elements. A ventilation slot beneath the roof overhang helps regulate the home's internal temperature, and the front panel may be opened seasonally for nest checks. The extended back panel with predrilled hole allows you to place this home on a post easily, and the cedar construction provides durability. Help your scouting group or the kids in your classroom appreciate bluebirds with this Bluebird House Kit. Assembly required. Made in the USA.

Opening: 1.5" dia.
Dimensions: 6"W x 7.75"D x 12"H
Mounting: post mount
Construction: cedar