Songbird Essentials

Songbird Essentials Gord-O Bird House, Blue Jay

Shelter visiting songbirds and decorate your yard in dazzling, colorful art with the Songbird Essentials Gord-O Blue Jay Bird House. Birds will flock to this handcrafted abode, designed in stunning detail to capture the brilliant blue and white features of a blue jay. The renewable albesia wood construction features a 1.375" diameter entryway, allowing songbirds to take solace in this cozy and durable dwelling, while lending a functional piece of artistry to your bird garden. A convenient, top rope makes hanging this house from a tree or hook simple, for a charming and quirky addition to your yard. For lasting style, it is recommended to coat this home with polyurethane at the end of each season. Welcome songbirds in sensational color and craftmanship and show off your fondness for blue jays using the Gord-O Blue Jay Bird House.

Opening: 1.375" dia.
Dimensions: 10"L x 5.5"W x 8"H
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: albesia wood