Prime Retreat

Squirrel House by Prime Retreat

Help adorable, acrobatic squirrels find appropriate nesting sites with this Squirrel House by Prime Retreat. Offering shelter to these creatures provides protection from the elements and predators, allowing them to safely care for their young. A 2.5" long and 2.75" tall notch on one side of this tall nest box enables squirrels to easily enter it, and an internal ledge beneath this opening provides them a comfortable perching spot. The overhanging roof keeps rain and snow out of the domicile, and the front panel lifts for seasonal cleaning. Predrilled holes on the top lip make it easy to place this appropriately-sized shelter against a wall, tree, or post, and a stylized squirrel figure resting on the front panel lends a fun motif to the home. A generous thumbscrew at the base of this section keeps the nesting box securely closed, while its 0.625" thick, all wood construction remains durable for many seasons. This innovative design and generous proportions also aid in keeping young squirrels warm, while the soft tan color enhances a wealth of outdoor settings. Invite amusing squirrels to nest near you with this Squirrel House by Prime Retreat.

Note: Due to the natural wood construction, individual homes may vary in appearance in terms of knots, grain, and color. These do not affect the usage or structural integrity of the home and are not considered as defects.

Dimensions: 11"W x 10.375"D x 18"H
Mounting: tree, wall, or post mount
Construction: wood