Summer Burst Glass Bird Baths with Stakes, Pack of 2


Transform the corners of your garden into appealing gathering spots for local birds by placing these Summer Burst Glass Bird Baths with Stakes in them. These two detailed, matching glass bowls are perfect accents to any bird sanctuary, and will add a touch of color to your landscaping. Five red and yellow petals and a brown and green center make up these glass flowers, accompanied by impressed lines throughout. This textured design provides birds plenty of gripping spots, and the 1.5" depth is safe for small songbirds. The dark red tinge on the edge of the glass petals further captures attention, and three curved arms on the integrated metal cradles perfectly support these baths. A threaded port at the bottom of each cradle accommodates the included, metal stakes, and their 4" long, step-in bases provide lasting anchors when installed in soil. The two pieces of each shaft thread together for secure connections, and their black finish meshes with the cradles for elegance. Remove the bowl and cradle assembly from each post for thorough cleaning, and use one bowl as a feeder and the other as a bath for more variety and avian excitement in your yard. Flank your garden with ever blooming, colorful flowers using these Summer Burst Glass Bird Baths with Stakes. Some assembly required. 

Package Contents: 2 glass bowls in cradles, 2 steel stakes
Basin Dimensions: 9" dia. x 1.5"D each
Overall Dimensions: 9.5" dia. x 2"H baths, 25"H stakes
Mounting: thread cradles with baths onto stakes, place stakes in soil
Construction: glass, steel