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Summit 20 Count Slow Release Mosquito Dunks

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Keep mosquitoes from pestering you around different waterside locations with theis generous set of Summit 20 Count Slow Release Mosquito Dunks®. This pack contains 20 convenient, donut-shaped mosquito larvicidal discs for you to place directly on areas of standing water, providing 30 days of protection against these pests under normal environmental conditions. When each unit is placed, it will perform its handy function, releasing a biological larvicide that will settle on the water; this allows growing mosquito larvae to consume it and then perish, giving you a simple and effective means for controlling the pest population around your water locales and increasing your outdoor peace and tranquility. Each individual disc is ideal for a containerized water receptacle near the house, such as a bird bath, abandoned or unused swimming pool, or water garden. For any indoor use, place this larvicidal tablet in interior drainage locations, such as an elevator shaft or flooded basement to offer additional coverage against pests. Do not place the pieces in water receptacles where the water is intended for human consumption, and direct contact with the rings should be avoided. Keep unwanted, irksome mosquitos from invading your personal property and deter them for an extended time with these 20 Count Slow Release Mosquito Dunks®. Made in the USA.

Active Ingredient: Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis solids, spores and insecticidal toxins: 10.31%
Inert Ingredients: 89.69%
Method of Application: place in standing water