Summit Responsible Solutions

Summit 6 Count Slow Release Mosquito Dunks

Ensure that mosquitoes don't spoil your waterside locales by utilizing these handy Summit 6 Count Slow Release Mosquito Dunks®. These convenient items float on water to offer 30 days of protection under typical environmental conditions. After placing these donut-shaped units in standing water, they will release a biological larvicide that will settle on the water. Once eaten by growing mosquito larvae, the product eradicates the insect, providing efficient and simple mosquito control, lending you a more peaceful and pest-free environment for all your activities. The individual units are ideal for any containerized water location near the household, such as roof gutters, rain barrels, or inside flower pots. Inside buildings, use this mosquito control product in any interior drainage locations to offer additional pest control. It is important to not place the pieces in water receptacles where the water is meant for human consumption, and direct contact with the discs should be avoided. Prevent buzzing and flying pests from populating your personal spaces by using these 6 Count Slow Release Mosquito Dunks®. Made in the USA.

Active Ingredient: Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis solids, spores and insecticidal toxins: 10.31%
Inert Ingredients: 89.69%
Method of Application: place in standing water