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Sweet-Nectar Clear Butterfly Nectar, Concentrate, 750 mL

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Provide a delightful and nutritious snack to butterflies in your backyard garden with this handy Sweet-Nectar Concentrate Clear Butterfly Nectar.

  • Generous 750 milliliter bottle makes over 75 ounces of nectar for butterflies.
  • Clear liquid is infused with steam-distilled floral hydrosols and natural fruit extracts.
  • Combine one part Sweet-Nectar with two parts water and shake prior to using in your butterfly feeder.
  • Fortified with calcium and electrolytes to guard against dehydration.
  • Resembles a wine bottle for a fun and whimsical presentation.
  • Concoction is dye-free and contains no artificial preservatives.
  • Refrigerate after use to ensure long lasting quality.
  • Made in the USA.
Bottle Size: 750 milliliters
Ingredients: water, sugar, all-natural wild flower hydrosols, fruit extracts, potassium chloride (electrolytes), citric acid (pH adjustment), calcium carbonate
Guaranteed Analysis: maximum moisture 60%, minimum sugar 40%, minimum salts 0.035%, minimum calcium 25 ppm