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Sweet-Nectar Clear Butterfly Nectar, Ready-to-Use, 750 mL

Help butterflies maintain their energy levels with this Sweet-Nectar Ready-to-Use Clear Butterfly Nectar. This generous glass bottle contains 750 milliliters of a sugar and water solution, infused with wild flower and citrus to the delight of butterflies. Electrolytes and calcium fortify this treat, and the product pours directly from the bottle into your feeders for straightforward use. The twist off cap closes securely, keeping the nectar fresh between uses, and the bottle is easy to refrigerate after opening for longevity. Keep your existing butterfly feeders full using this Ready-to-Use Clear Butterfly Nectar. Made in the USA.

Bottle Size: 750 milliliters
Ingredients: water, sugar, all-natural wild flower hydrosols, fruit extracts, potassium chloride (electrolytes), citric acid (pH adjustment), calcium carbonate
Guaranteed Analysis: maximum moisture 82%, minimum sugar 18%, minimum salts 0.025%, minimum calcium 25 ppm