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Sweet-Nectar Clear Hummingbird Nectar, Conc., 1.5L Eco Pouch

Give hummingbirds in your backyard garden an abundant and nutritious feeding option to provide them with energy using this Sweet-Nectar 1.5 Liter Eco Pouch of Clear Hummingbird Nectar Concentrate.

  • Wild flower infused nectar concentrate contains steam-distilled hydrosols of favored flowers to attract hummingbirds.
  • Clear liquid is infused with added calcium and electrolytes to guard against dehydration and nurture egg development.
  • All-natural formula is made with pure cane sugar and is free of dye.
  • Handy pouch makes over 150 ounces of nutritious nectar for hummingbirds to enjoy.
  • Leak proof spout and convenient packaging create a durable feeding option that will stay fresh and easy to store when opened.
  • Simply mix 1 part Sweet-Nectar with 2 parts water to fill your feeder with this treat.
  • Made in the USA.
Many birders opt to use instant nectar as it is convenient to make. Nectar may also be made at home by boiling water and mixing in white granulated sugar. Be sure to check our directions for making your own Hummingbird Nectar at home if this interests you.

Container Size: 50.7 fluid ounces
Ingredients: water, sugar, wild flower hydrosols, potassium chloride (electrolytes), citric acid (pH adjustment), calcium carbonate
Guaranteed Analysis: maximum moisture 60%, minimum sugar 40%, minimum salts 0.035%, minimum calcium 25 ppm