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Sweet-Nectar Clear Hummingbird Nectar, RTU, 1.5L Eco Pouch

Seamlessly fill a few hummingbird feeders with this Sweet-Nectar 1.5 Liter Eco Pouch of Ready-to-Use Clear Hummingbird Nectar. This clear liquid is conveniently packaged in a vacuum pouch, for freshness and reduced environmental impact. A spout on the bottom of the container makes simple work of refilling feeders, and closes securely for freshness and to minimize dripping. Electrolytes and calcium within this nectar provide hummingbirds added nutrients and energy, while steam-distilled hydrosols of flowers these birds most often visit aid in attracting them. Cane sugar creates a clear liquid, and the sealed pouch is simple to transport to your feeders. Refill your existing hummingbird feeders with this 1.5 Liter Eco Pouch of Ready-to-Use Clear Hummingbird Nectar. Made in the USA.

Many birders opt to use instant nectar as it is convenient. Nectar may also be made at home by boiling water and mixing in white granulated sugar. Be sure to check our directions for making your own Hummingbird Nectar at home if this interests you.

Container Size: 50.7 fluid ounces
Ingredients: water, sugar, all-natural wild flower hydrosols, potassium chloride (electrolytes), citric acid (pH adjustment), calcium carbonate
Guaranteed Analysis: maximum moisture 82%, minimum sugar 18%, minimum salts 0.025%, minimum calcium 25 ppm