Tree Pro Bark Pro Vented Tree Protectors, 24"H, Pack of 5

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Cover the trunks of a few established trees easily using these Tree Pro 24" Bark Pro Vented Tree Protectors. These 5, recycled plastic sheets each wrap around a small to medium tree trunk, and attach together in moments with the included zip ties. The white hue of each piece deflects heat, helping prevent sun scald, and their 24" height wonderfully covers the trunks of shorter trees. Two horizontal bands of dual circles provide ventilation for the tree, while textured lines on each sheet ensure they remain flexible. The set is great for shielding trees from rodents, deer rub, and garden tools, and can also help protect bark during transit. Crafted from hardy, recycled plastic, these sleeves diminish landfill mass, for a truly environmentally friendly garden addition. Help your existing trees remain healthy with these 24" Bark Pro Vented Tree Protectors. Wraps made in the USA.

Package Contents: 5 tree wraps, zip ties
Dimensions: 3.75" dia. x 24"H each
Mounting: wrap around tree trunk
Construction: recycled plastic