Tree Pro Standard Vented Seedling Protectors, 60"H, 5 Pack

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Protect a few saplings or other young trees from insects, animals, and other dangers with these Tree Pro 60" Standard Vented Seedling Protectors. These lasting, recycled plastic sheets easily form a physical barrier around saplings or young evergreens, wonderfully shielding them from a wealth of dangers. Holes throughout the body of the tube provide ventilation, and the holes on the edges align, accommodating the included zip ties. This design creates a slight overlap on each piece, providing your tree plenty of growing room, and the innovative ties are also simple to release for maintenance or easy removal when the plant is large enough. Slits at the top of each sheet enable you to fold this section downward, preventing rough edges and bark damage, and included mesh slides over the open top of each tube to deter birds. The off white hue not only keeps the pieces visible; it also helps deflect heat for cool soil and bark. For use on a larger tree, connect a few of these sheets together. The innovative ties remove easily without having to cut these plastic sheets, ensuring longevity, and the recycled plastic construction is environmentally friendly. Help your saplings grow well by surrounding them with these 60" Standard Vented Seedling Protectors. Tubes made in the USA.

Note: This package does not contain stakes.

Package Contents: 5 tree wraps, zip ties, 5 pieces of bird mesh
Dimensions: 3.75" dia. x 60"H each
Mounting: wrap around seedling
Construction: recycled plastic