Troyer's Birds' Paradise

Troyer's Birds' Paradise Wire Sparrow Trap

Prevent sparrows from overtaking your martin colony using this Troyer's Birds' Paradise Wire Sparrow Trap. This triple compartment, bait style trap quickly and safely captures live birds and detains them, for you to control them as necessary. The all wire frame with rectangular grid creates an easy-to-monitor trap, and the spring loaded, aluminum trays make baiting the item simple. Flip the doors of the outer compartments upward, and place millet, bread, or cracked corn onto the tray. When an English sparrow puts its weight on this tray, the door snaps closed, capturing it. The bird will typically use the small, one way door at the back of the chamber to try and escape. This leads to a center holding compartment, so you can reset the trap and use the ensnared bird as a decoy. The trap can be placed on a platform or affixed to a pole with clamps (not included), and a top handle aids in transporting the captured birds off property. Always verify the captured species, as it is illegal to trap native North American birds. Control English sparrows in your area with this Wire Sparrow Trap.

Compartment Size: 10"D x 5.75"W x 6.25"H each
Dimensions: 18"L x 10.25"W x 6.5"H
Mounting: place on platform, table, or pole mount
Construction: galvanized metal, aluminum trays