Troyer's Birds' Paradise

Troyer's SuperGourds w/Crescent Entries & Porches, 12 Pack

Upgrade your martin colony with starling resistant gourds using these Troyer's Birds' Paradise SuperGourds with Crescent Entries and Porches. These 12 rugged, plastic gourds were engineered based on 20 years of research into the breeding biology of purple martins. This research found that purple martins have higher fledgling rates in large, white gourds than they do in typical aluminum martin houses, and this package will certainly meet the needs of these birds. The one-piece, plastic body has no seams, for protection from the elements, as well as a molded rain canopy above the 3" wide and 1.125" tall, crescent starling resistant entry. Raised lines on this canopy double as perching area, and included porches attach to the interior and exterior of each for extra standing spots. Seven drainage holes on the base of the gourds allow any captured water to exit rapidly, ensuring nestlings remain dry and safe. An access port on the side of each unit is large enough for a human hand to reach into the nest, for easy monitoring and maintenance, and its 45° angle creates a great perspective for viewing. Use the threaded caps to cover these sections, keeping the gourds enclosed for nestlings. Their high-density, polyethylene plastic body forms a relatively heavy gourd for less swinging in the wind, and their white color reflects sunlight, keeping the interior cool. These gourds will not rot, peel, split, or crack, nor will it break if accidentally dropped, and the UV inhibitors in the molded plastic body ensure a long life expectancy. A thorough scrubbing at the end of the season should be all you need to maintain your SuperGourds. Use a rod through the 1/4" holes on the cleanout panel axis to place the homes on a hanger or rack, or enlarge or drill your own holes to hang them with the entries facing outward. The specific design and robust construction make these roosts some of the best available today. Increase the appeal of gourds to martins in your area with these SuperGourds with Crescent Entries and Porches. Some assembly required. Made in the USA.

Note: This case pack contains 12 of the Troyer's Birds' Paradise SuperGourds with Crescent Entries and Porches. The pole and hanging rack shown are not included.

Opening: 3"W x 1.125"H crescent SREH each
Dimensions: 10.5" dia. x 13.75"H each gourd
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: plastic