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Uncle Dunkel's Bat Pup Safety Net

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Prevent bat pups from falling out of the bat house with this Uncle Dunkel's Bat Pup Safety Net. This unique basket can attach to the landing pad of most traditional bat houses, and its wood and mesh construction forms a durable unit. Polyethylene mesh held in place by two wooden panels and four slats forms a basket, creating a soft and safe place for bat pups to land, should they fall from the bat house. An additional, 20" long piece of mesh extends above this reservoir, allowing baby bats to climb back into the shelter. A 15.25" long, wooden slat at the top of the unit attaches to a wall or your existing bat house easily, thanks to its three predrilled holes and included screws. Safeguard the young bats in your colony by adding this Bat Pup Safety Net to your existing bat house. Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 26"L x 15.25"W x 6.875"D
Mounting: attach to existing bat house
Construction: wood, polyethylene mesh