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Vita Gardens Mezza Cedar Composting Garden Bed, Brown, 5'L

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Turn your kitchen and yard scraps into a fantastic supplement for your garden using this Vita Gardens Brown Mezza Cedar Composting Garden Bed. This raised planter/composter combination piece is a fantastic addition to your green lifestyle, making it easy to grow a few crops with nutrient rich soil and less water. Sustainably sourced, FSC cedar slats slide easily into the aluminum channel posts for straightforward, screwless assembly, and these boards naturally resists both decay and insects for longevity. Four smaller panels sport a grid design, and stand in the center of this bottomless unit easily. Use this basket as a reservoir for your greens and browns, allowing your grass clippings, fallen leaves, and fruit and vegetable scraps to transform into nutrient rich compost. This not only helps retain moisture in soil, for significantly less water usage; it also provides extra nutrients to crops, potentially increasing their yield. The unique channel posts allow you to configure this raised bed in a variety of ways, while the cedar boards all have a water based, food safe stain for durability and style. Create a robust garden plot in your yard while repurposing kitchen and yard waste with this Brown Mezza Cedar Composting Garden Bed. Assembly required. One year warranty.

Dimensions: 60"L x 36"W x 22.25"H
Mounting: place on level surface
Construction: cedar slats, aluminum posts
Mfg. Warranty: 1 year warranty