Waterford Press

Waterford Press Backyard Birds of North America Booklet

Familiarize yourself with various birds and learn how to accurately identify them with this invaluable Waterford Press Backyard Birds of North America Booklet. This convenient and handy reference is fully stocked with helpful birding information on both sides of its six unfolding panels, giving you the resource you need to correctly know which species is which as you enjoy your hobby. Detailed, colorful illustrations of a vast selection of different birds comprise the majority of the panels, giving key measurements and crucial details below each true to life drawing. One side of the unfolding panels offers images and information for waterbirds, woodpeckers, owls, doves, and hummingbirds, while the opposite side brightly showcases birds of prey and perching birds to give you a truly rounded look at multiple avian species. One panel is reserved for a host of information on how to best attract a pleasing variety of feathered friends, offering hints on providing the correct food, water, and shelter for your avian visitors. Utilize the fantastic and striking illustrations along with their practical factoids to hone your birding skills and enjoy tending to your hobby for years and years. Expand your knowledge of different types of birds and how to differentiate them by referencing this Backyard Birds of North America Booklet. Made in the USA.

Authors: James Kavanagh, Raymond Leung
Details: 6 panels front and back, 8.25"L x 4"W
Publisher: Waterford Press